Export certificate with private key when it’s not exportable

Sometimes computer replacement could became a headache, especially if the old one have a certificate with not exportable key and we don’t have a copy of the original file (Who are going to need this?). This kind of certificates normally are important and difficult to obtain, for this reason maybe you want to avoid a new request.

Afortunately when you try to export a certificate and the key is not exportable exists another way that can help you to do that, there is a tool called JailBreak (important not to confuse with iphone tool),  and it’s magical.

  • Download JailBreak zip file from https://github.com/iSECPartners/jailbreak
  • Unzip where you want, in my case I use C:\jb
  • Open a command prompt as Administrator


  • Go to the folder where you had unzipped Jailbreak (for example C:\jb\binaries
  • Run this command to open Cert manager console:
jailbreak64.exe %WINDIR%\system32\mmc.exe %WINDIR%\system32\certmgr.msc -64

Now you are able to export any certificate with private key.

Hope you’ll find this usefull

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  1. anything similar on android devices? mimikatz can also do this right for windows pc, however i am looking for something similar for certs installed on android mobiles

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