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Add SQLSRV driver support in EasyPHP Devserver

Recently I had to develop a new project in php, jquery, ajax and javascript which needs a Microsoft SQL database connection. For developing purposes I like to use Easyphp Devserver , an all in one package like WampServer or XAMPP.  I Prefer this one because it seems more lightly and less intrusive for my overweighted system. By

Query Active directory form SQL server

A couple of weeks ago we had the needed to get some users data and our best option was querying directly to Active directory from an SQL server, this could be the best option in some cases, taking in mind that a healthy AD with a good maintainment is allways our best shot. Microsoft Active

SQL modificar propietats del camp d’una taula amb dades

Amb això ens hi hem trobat tots, creem una taula, dissenyem els camps, les seves propietats, la dimensió i quan l’aplicació està en marxa alguna cosa no ens encaixa i necessitem fer-hi canvis. Un camp de 4 caràcters potser ha de ser de 8, potser un Id ha de ser autonumèric o deixar de ser-ho,