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Schedule a Servers reboot with email notification when are online

Schedule a servers restart it’s a healthy practice, it’s good for apply systems updates and it helps to free up memory. Thera are a lot of ways to do this, in this reminder i’ll show you wath I did. This example it works with Windows 2003, 2008, 2008r2, 2012, 2012r2, 2016… First of all I Read More

Enable Logons to Domain Accounts Using Biometric Fingerprint Reader and facial recognition

Most of new Windows 10 devices allows you to login using fingerprint or facial recognition, but if your computer is under a domain policy probably you are not able to do this. I was searching for a god way to enable this option for domain end users, first of all I tryed to add a Read More

Export certificate with private key when it’s not exportable

Sometimes computer replacement could became a headache, especially if the old one have a certificate with not exportable key and we don’t have a copy of the original file (Who are going to need this?). This kind of certificates normally are important and difficult to obtain, for this reason maybe you want to avoid a Read More

Using CPAU to execute scripts as Administrator hiding credentials

Ocasionally we need to execute orders or scripts as Administrator, and “runas” is not a valid option because users can read the script and find a super user password (No way). In this cases we can try with CPAU, with this free tool we can generate an scripted job that can be called from script Read More

Connect to remote console and execute commands with privileges

Since Windows 7, accessing to remote console using Telnet is not an option, nodaway Microsoft has provide us another tool for this tasks, PsExec This tools give us the ability for connect to a remote console with privileges and execute commands or scripts. It give’s us many options, in this reminder i’ll expose only how Read More

Change computer name using command line

With this you can change computer name using Terminal or command Line, it doesn’t matter if is a domain computer or not

  If it’s ok you’ll get something similar than this:

  That’s all, take in mind that you can change to a remote computer executing commands thru a PsExec Read More

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