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Connect to remote console and execute commands with privileges

Since Windows 7, accessing to remote console using Telnet is not an option, nodaway Microsoft has provide us another tool for this tasks, PsExec This tools give us the ability for connect to a remote console with privileges and execute commands or scripts. It give’s us many options, in this reminder i’ll expose only how

Change computer name using command line

With this you can change computer name using Terminal or command Line, it doesn’t matter if is a domain computer or not [crayon-5e2994b3dd628640540266/]   If it’s ok you’ll get something similar than this: [crayon-5e2994b3dd62e148244094/]   That’s all, take in mind that you can change to a remote computer executing commands thru a PsExec

Instalación y configuración de servidor OCS Inventory NG en Ubuntu 17.04

En este documento instalaremos un servidor OCS-Inventory para realizar inventarios automáticos de nuestros equipos de red. Esta herramienta la montaremos sobre un servidor Ubuntu 17.04, un apache2 y servidor de bases de datos MySQL. Hemos ya preparado un Ubuntu Server 17.04 habiendo hecho una instalación totalmente por defecto Dejo también aquí un vídeo donde se

Mount windows Shared folder in Ubuntu

This is not a post is just a reminder of how you can mount a windows shared folder permanently in Ubuntu. First of all you must install CIFS support in Ubuntu. [crayon-5e2994b3de3c3310006389/] After this we have to create a folder in media where we mount the shared resource [crayon-5e2994b3de3c9086698059/] Then we’ll edit file fstab [crayon-5e2994b3de3cb684080374/]

How to change the admin bar color in WordPress

Some times you need to work in a DEV enviroment which is an exactly copy of real one, and it’s important to prevent that you are not playing in a productive enviroment, get some helps. One easy and helpfull way to do that is painting the admin bar of the web in a diferent color,