Month: March 2017

Mount windows Shared folder in Ubuntu

This is not a post is just a reminder of how you can mount a windows shared folder permanently in Ubuntu. First of all you must install CIFS support in Ubuntu. [crayon-5e863a3248377632751389/] After this we have to create a folder in media where we mount the shared resource [crayon-5e863a324837f292517867/] Then we’ll edit file fstab [crayon-5e863a3248381115860645/]

How to change the admin bar color in WordPress

Some times you need to work in a DEV enviroment which is an exactly copy of real one, and it’s important to prevent that you are not playing in a productive enviroment, get some helps. One easy and helpfull way to do that is painting the admin bar of the web in a diferent color,